Discover the best career opportunities
in cyber security in Poland!

Discover the best career opportunities
in cyber security in Poland!

This is an innovative and first portal created by Evention that will connect cybersecurity experts with the most interesting jobs in Poland.

Our initiative focuses on showcasing centers employing larger teams of cybersecurity specialists, such as internal units of large enterprises, business service centers of foreign corporations and dominant companies providing cyber security services in Poland

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Meet the best organizations according to the jury of the Jubilee Competition Advanced Threat Summit!

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You will have the opportunity to reach a wide and high-quality group of potential candidates interested in working in this field.

You will present your organization among other reputable cyber security leaders in Poland.

You have the opportunity to attract highly qualified candidates who are interested in advancing their careers in cyber.

Meet our project team!

Kamila Westfalowicz

Project Manager

Przemysław Gamdzyk

CEO Evention

Hubert Koźniewski

Digital Marketing & Promotion Specialist

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